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Training Safely in the Martial Arts

Training Safely in the Martial Arts

OK so I write this post for strong personal reasons. A very unfortunate accident happened to my friend recently, this accident has left her with a torn Cruciate ligament, unable to train for potentially many months. And to make things worse, the accident was totally avoidable. Now so I am clear, I am not throwing blame or guilt trips around. I know the other person involved feels genuinely very upset about what happened. However it is an extremely good example of what can happen, and if someone else can learn from this incident then some good may still come out of it.
Most accidents can be avoided by training safely.


The situation

The focus of the class was a simple and relatively safe takedown from the rear of your assailant. The class was very quiet and there were literally only seconds left of the lesson. So she was repeating the drill again as practiced multiple times that class, her training partner had taken her back and was ready to do his takedown, so she shifted her weight onto the appropriate foot in anticipation of the takedown and…….. Unfortunately in that moment her partner decided to stray from the given instruction and attempted a takedown he remembered from years ago (and possibly hadn’t practiced since all that time ago). Due to the destructive nature of the unexpected takedown, her weight was on the wrong leg and it all went wrong from there!!Class structure – enforcing training safely
There are many reasons why kickboxing class structure is important, some of the main ones are:

  • The instructor can keep track of what was taught and when.
  • The instructor can see everyone doing the same technique and therefore it is a simper task to identify any improvement that need to be made by students.
  • It makes things clear and simple for all students to follow
  • It allows for everyone to be training safely

Basically with no structure or focus everyone is free to do what they want. That does not make for everyone training safely and that leads to accidents happening. Which leads to student getting injured; which in turn means they have to have time out from training to heal and recover.
One kickboxing class instructor said, ‘In situations like this, the instructor is bound to feel bad, even guilty. Despite doing everything correctly and giving student clear concise instructions on the work they have to do.’ Read more about Training Safely in the Martial Arts